Still too post move traumatised to even think. I will be glad when the details are sorted and my head is not so busy making decisions and sorting.

I seem to have simply shut down. Ducked. Frozen in the headlights. Once we tossed our wee Staffy in the creek for a swim but he didn’t swim. He put his paws over his head, shut his eyes and bobbed under and up. We had to rescue him.

That’s what I feel like. A wee Staffy. Overwhelmed.

Well – I saw the Psych today at the Old Council Chambers and I liked her again. She suggests delaying bed for just a half hour at a time and see whether I can form a more normal pattern.Thing is – I don’t want to wake up of a morning.

And the negative self talk. I can hear it muttering gibberish at me all the time now.

This is not one of the favourite times of my life.

I did

  1. get taxi vouchers and can travel half fare round Bello.
  2. visit with the Kids.

Now – bed and the misery that seems to be my nights with unnerving requirements tomorrow. BUM.


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