“Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It’s a way to live.” – Jacqueline Winspear


Neil W came today with a load and we talked for hours. I have boxes more now and he has tidied them up and will get some more tomorrow – so he says.

We visited with Kaybee and Co and I took myself to Dr Charlie on the Pony. I like Dr Charlie. She is sharp and astute.

Then I did some shopping at the Prov and came on home. Lise was here with a vase of flowers and some food for dinner. Things are kindly today with a less violent head and some of the work which was worrying me is done.  Less and less of business remains at the other end and I begin to live the Bellingen Life.

I still have the cough and Dr Charlie will send me for tests when the cold is gone. Also for psychological assessments. AT LAST. See what damage has actually happened to me.

Lise in the garden 13 october 2016

I FEEL better. Not good but better. Moving more easily. Still sleeping poorly and coughing but better.

ITS cold and dark and damp. It is often is around the time of my birthday. I have emerged from another stage and entered something new again. I don’t know yet what it means nor what it will be. Definitely – absolutely – GO GENTLE. GO GENTLE. GO GENTLE.

I AM packed up and ready for bed but I am not going yet because I don’t sleep and the nights go on and on. I have been reading Maisie Dobbs books and I think I have read the last one so I am a little lost as to what to read now. I have vases of flowers and some tidy places as well as storage and its not so dirty here. Once more I didn’t get to the Meeting. I will – maybe Saturday NA.

Sleep now. Things are changing.


only when we have a respect for time will we have learned something of the art of living.