NOW I’M 67.


THE TUB 21 OCT 2016

I just took a Pony Ride to the Providore and down past the doctor and then back up to Tamarind Avenue. I am not frightfully good at  Suburbs so this takes some adjusting for me. There are Bats around tonight. In the tree behind the House. Squarking and Brawling.

I spent a Facetime evening with Eden. That is one of the highlights of my week and much time this week with the Girls. Meetings are down due to fatigue.

I cancelled the specialist appointment and re booked for 11 Nov 2016. It has continued to be a simple and gentle week. I am glad of that. I do not know whether I am well or unwell and I do not know whether or not i have things to worry about or not.  I am comfortable and that is good enough. Its a joy in fact.  Now and then I remember that he existed and I think of the good times we could have had.

But then comfort returns and all is well.



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