Today has been smooth. Phone call with Arkue. Lift to Urunga NA with Anas who has also experienced coma. I picked up medications from Urunga pharmacy and then we had lunch at The GreenGrocer. I had people talking to me and great food. Altogether a lovely day. Springtime. Blue skies and a little warmer.  Next door they are adding a downstairs extension for the grandmother.

I have come through this move with $1000 in the bank and my credit card intact. I expect money back from electricity and bond so I have not lost as badly as I thought I might have. Today’s meeting was about Step 11 but I recall little of it. That suits me. I have always found that Meetings work best for me when I simply sit in them and absorb. A recovery talk over lunch is good for me as well.


Oh. Oh. Panic alarm going off. I went for a pony ride and the pony stopped dead at the Providore Roundabout. This time it did not revitalise.

LYNNE 24 OCT 2016

Okay.  Panic kicking in and the sense of impending doom.  Lets be sane here and let go of Jinxed thinking. Let go of resentment. Do the Old Stuff. Assume that there is purpose in everything and learn something from it.

It probably stopped because I have bogged it twice. Something is most likely shaken loose. I am most surely shaken. Thought I was kicking arse but now I am arse kicked again.

And it doesn’t matter at all. Breathe. Let it all go. Potter around.


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