A clouded day with a lot of birds around. I feel much better today but still very weak and not taking myself far at all. It wears me down sometimes. The trees are in flower for the Springtime and its still and calm albeit grey skied.

I am still unpacking boxes and wondering about things. For today I am NOT in crisis. It is a great relief. Getting Halloween things ready. Minimal. And pottering.

The articles I am posting are part of my recovery. They are the things making sense of my own experiences. As I have so often said, Medicine and Medicos have provided almost no help. Its the articles and Blogs that have provided my much needed data and information.

THEN I AM LEFT with what remains.

Standing beside the dead body of my love – breath taken.

Lying in my own poo unable to move or speak.

The Horrors of Halloween are no longer unknown to me.


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