What a relief it is to be finding these readings which put the experiences into far better words than I am able to. 

Brain Injury Awareness

Dear friends, I had experienced the death of a baby, spouse and a parent prior to experiencing my BI and loss of “self!” I found the loss of “self” to be by far the hardest and greatest loss and grief I had ever experienced! This injury throws us off base in a way that most cannot fathom little own comprehend! It took time for me to realize and accept that I was, for all practical purposes, a brand new person! I wondered if I could EVER learn to accept this new and unwelcome person that I had become! It took me a lot of time, patience, and a whole lot of repetitious and hard work. It was also the hardest and most frustrating work I had ever been challenged to overcome! We can all climb this steep, uphill journey to get to the top of BI mountain. We can do this BI journey easier and more successfully “together” than we could ever do on our own! Lets all strive to be a friend to our fellow survivors! We are the ultimate warriors so keep fighting and keep your faith and find the HOPE that lives deep down inside of each of us!

Debbie Wilson


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