1. Pace yourself –   Do everything in moderation.  I surely did that today. Haven’t even left the house.  I did try to ring iInet re the internet but after waiting for a half hour or so – I hung up. AIN’T DOING THAT !
  2. Say “No” –  NO. I am pretty good at that.
  3. Get organized in advance –  Hmmm. My head blurs.
  4. Prioritize – Well – once again the Girls were my priority. I like it that way.
  5. Ask for help –  I asked Kaybee but I need further help.
  6. Keep things simple – Have not used today. That’s it.
  7. Eat properly throughout the day to nourish your brain so it can do a better job for you. Drink recommended amounts of water, our brains need it. I haven’t done so well at that today. I am following Kaybee’s advice that she learned years back on a work weight loss programme that worked for her.  Dinner now and a glass of Ebor Water.
  8. Determine how to get where you have to go before you leave –  Still timid about the Pony. Aint gone no place today. I am booking a table for one on Saturday night at Croft and Dolben performing at 5 Church Street.
  9. Determine how much time you need to get there – ain’t going no place.
  10. Determine what you need to take with you and what you are going to wear – i certainly flutter on these things. I bought a handbag which has a compartment for each thing.
  11. Determine, in advance, your way out of the social situation or other activity: This is keeping me home based and rather bored.
  12. If you’re going to a new place for dinner, study the menu on the Internet before you go.
  13. Try to get a table in a quiet, less busy part of the restaurant.

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