Dotty the Dalmatian  is running around. Her owners are the alkie and al anon living their own drama – the one that brought the police.

Its summery hot but not down here in my Lyon’s Den. I am sweetly comfortable. I am surely amongst the Unmanageable People of the Town. I liked Bilambil where order reigned and elegance. It did’t endure either. JB turned 70 and took off with a millionaire back in 2008.  Now I am truly amongst Messy People. Lets see how I go – once more – one day at a time.

I don’t feel so poorly this evening. That’s a blessing. I can even breathe quite well. I have very minimal pain and I have eaten well.

I am aware that I am fortunate in some ways. Quite a few ways.  I must be getting better to think that. Realising that I don’t have to go to work. Don’t have to push beyond what I am capable of. I am housed and close to the Kids and still clean and sober.

I am wondering about opening another meeting – NA in Bellingen – maybe at the showgrounds.

I am realising that I could feel a lot worse than I do. I am making sense of many of the things that have happened to me in the last 2 years and I am someone who does better when they understand what’s going on.

Now , am I in a good condition for cleaning and changing my screen protector on the Galaxy ?

Nope. I shall leave it till the morning. I paid Optus instead.

Nice night. Peaceful and resting. Thank God.  This morning there was a heavy mist and this evening the Bats flew over. Sometimes I feel very isolated down here at the back of the house – but – there was a heavy mist and the bats flew over. That’s good enough. I also was able to mind the Girls while Kaybee went shopping. That is TRULY good enough and better than.



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