AFTER EFFECTS OF ICU – ICUsteps | HealthUnlocked

I woke up to find myself in ICU. How I got there I still have no memory of to this day. I personally felt fine. Couldn’t understand why I was still in hospital. Nobody told me anything.I was given medication (which I took), because I assumed someone would tell me why I was suddenly on so many new tablets. I can’t remember anyone sitting down & talking to me,about what had happened.My husband told me how I ended up in ICU, but no-one told him anything about the experience of ICU either.What no-one, not even my doctor’s, mentioned was the side effects I was likely to have. Mental as well as emotional side effects that is.For instance no-one told me how WEAK I would be.Did you know you can lose approx. 2% of body muscle per day in ICU.Why? I don’t know, does anyone?ANGER because you feel unable to take your 2nd chance at life.You loose WEIGHT when your in ICU. I lost 2 stone.Did you know your NAILS (hand and toe) stop growing for a while.CONCENTRATION & INTERESTS take a long time to come back. MEMORY LOSS, & HAIR LOSS is another example no-one tells you about.Lack of SLEEP, & APPETITE.You could end up with DEPRESSION &/or PTSD.

Source: AFTER EFFECTS OF ICU – ICUsteps | HealthUnlocked


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