I slept pretty well for another night. Then again, I talked on the phone to Arkue till 1 a.m. I took a lift with Van Steve to the Urunga NA and that was also a pleasure. He is setting off all over Australia in a van he has had constructed.  Neat as a pin so it is.

And we did the Swimming lesson. And swam because it is summertime now. We shopped at IGA and Just had an ordinary happy day.

I sit after school with the Little One and we wait for her Mum and sister to come. We enjoy it.

I weigh so much. It leaves me breathless and unwell and I don’t know how to attend to diet. I shall ask the Doc for help with that tomorrow.

I have reached an agreement with iInet and have to pay maybe $189 which is far better than $400 and I have time to do so.  One thing at a time is what I am doing. What gets done, gets done. That which does not get done – just plain doesn’t – NO MATTER WHAT. No worries. The extra meeting has helped. I was beginning to become tearful.

And some talking about Recovery and about Life. It has done me a great deal of good. We were talking about HEALING. The next stage of HEALING. I AM FEELING HEALTHIER AND BETTER inside despite things not being quite as I would like. Yesterday was a breakthrough. I rode the Pony right into town and back through the showgrounds  which was an easy ride. It was at the Showground that I heard a voice calling to me and it was Steve – camped there in his new home. It was very ” affirmative”. He will be back in a week and told me to use him to get to Meetings – and I shall.

I bought SD cards and put one in the phone but its not  registering. I also changed my screen protector and although its still not good enough for my taste, I was able to do it. Each little thing is a major achievement.

Lisa did my washing again and folded everything for me. Neater than I have had my washing ever.

Maybe tomorrow I shall unpack one more box in good faith. Maybe. Today is done.

When I was looking at ARDS and SEPSIS articles today, I was thinking of a Doctor way back in Randwick in the 1990s. Beatrice Fogelgarn.  She told me that I might live a long life – but it would be lived in pain with high risk illnesses and fatigue. I guess she has been quite accurate. That was way back before Hep C had even been identified.

The Gentleman today said that how he saw me was as having a quality of Recovery which would allow me to take on challenges and ways of handling things that some people could not afford to risk. He had the knack of restoring my own confidence.

Bed soon because I have had a few bigger than usual days. And I am tired.

A dream is not a prediction
Nor is it your only goal
It’s a larger slice of sunshine
That glows within your soul

Dreams light up your horizons
On the darkest cloudy day
And dissolve the darkest moments
When you may just feel okay

Your dream is like a treasure
Like the pot of gold not seen
The dream is all but yours
And it never seems to leave

It is the only thing
That will remain near to our hearts,
We may not ever get to it
But the Dream has to start…

The Dream


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