11160608_10152871343536342_4849590722792171396_oI like my doctor. It is still difficult to convince her or anyone else that my brain has been altered by the Coma  I cruise along  – fluent and logical and then I smash into a wall or simply cease functioning.

No matter. Once again it appears that most of my organs are in quite good nick considering. The lungs are good and the heart. The liver is her main focus and maybe I shall need to take it seriously after Xmas.

To me it seems the weight is critical. Time to move and eat differently. Small changes. That’s what its time for as it has been all along.

Unpack one box – that would be a good idea. And one walk .

She suspects – does my doc Charlie – that its not the lungs after all nor heart that is causing the breathing problems . Its connected with the haemoglobin and blood weakening me and she insists that it is the LIVER doing that to me. I shall ponder the matter. I do agree about the Blood.

Sure is easier living right beside the Doc and Blood Taker.


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