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A day at home. There is a bushfire just west of town and it has closed the road from Bellingen to Dorrigo.

I spent the whole day at home. Just too some photos of the flowers in our garden and talked to Arkue.

Clean and Sober. Minimal pain.

Arkue would be able to see the fireworks at the Opera House in Sydney from her unit now. They are letting them off the band, Crowded House.  They just closed with the song


It was a song that meant a great deal to me in early recovery and then again as Izzy and I became increasingly settled and content. Sometime before the World collapsed.

“Better Be Home Soon”

Somewhere deep inside
Something’s got a hold on you
And it’s pushing me aside
See it stretch on forever

And I know I’m right
For the first time in my life
That’s why I tell you
You’d better be home soon

Stripping back the coats
Of lies and deception
Back to nothingness
Like a week in the desert


So don’t say no
Don’t say nothing’s wrong
‘Cause when you get back home
Maybe I’ll be gone, oh

It would cause me pain
If we were to end it
But I could start again
You can depend on it


Oh, that’s why I tell you
You’d better be home soon



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