Awfully tired. Struggling somewhat – in fact. No matter. I am developing a framework within which I can kind of live.  Tired and stiff with some level of pain.

We had some rain today and things were quiet here after so much noise of late.

I saw Antonia. An hour’s therapy. The Girls brought me home and we ate on the verandah of the Providore. Kaybee fixed my TV antenna for me which was very impressive.

I took a ride on the pony around to Planet and then a little later the sunset came with a glow – probably from the bushfires. Dorrigo road is still closed.

I shall have to look harder here in town to find the magic and feel the Spirits. The Island calls me most of all but I can only go to the edges because of its steepness and because access has been restricted.  I can take a look at the Cemetery and round the edge of the Island and I can soon try the lane to  Red Gum and go into town.

I am comfortable tonight nearing bedtime.



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