rain – just a little


I have stayed home all day and slept most of it once again. I feel poorly. I didn’t even get to Swimming Class which is one of my favourite things.

This afternoon I took a short pony ride to the Prov and it rained. First time I have been wet in a long time.

The Doc called me and has asked me to come in re something in my blood test. I AM NOT SURPRISED. I feel wretched.

I feel a little bored and seem to have nothing to say but years back Marian told me to be glad of the Boring times because they would not last.

They do teach me to pay attention. To seek the hidden things.

ONCE, LONG AGO, I asked my brother how he managed to achieve the Artwork that he achieved and he said – YOU HAVE TO STAY PAST THE BOREDOM.


Now its night. The dog, Luna, is upstairs. She’s crying because her owner has gone to the Pub for dinner.All week we have had next door’s dog crying the same way. I did not expect to be in the middle of all these dramas and muddlesome behaviours. There you go. Once I would have felt obligated to go fetch her down and mind her till they came home but I do not feel that obligation anymore.  She can do as she pleases up there.

I will take 2 Tramadors tonight. I am weary and pain filled. Its easing but I think one more night’s rest would help.

Last Xmas, my Brother asked me how I was and I simply could not cheer up. This year is OK. Not jubilant but pleasant. I can hear my daughter making her plans and tonight is OK. Izzy loved Xmas.

The bubbly Lise, might be good for me. Maybe.

The day is done. Just about.  The temperature is sweet and I am greatly rested and in far less pain. We have had some rain and the flowers are blooming out in my garden.

Good Night, Izzy. All is well here. Trust all is well with you.



One thought on “rain – just a little”

  1. I love that beautiful bird. What is that? Please come read my blog and follow me, too? I’m new at this. Love it so far. 🙂


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