treesI didn’t take one single picture today . I had a visit from Jul H and then Steven took me to tonight’s meeting and as usual, I slept most of the rest of the day. I no longer know what is grief and what is weakness or illness.

I did reach a landmark tonight. A subtle one but significant for me. It was when I realised that I simply will not have harshness in my life even at a low level. Yes ! Bravo !

I also recognised the control attempts I make. Best skid them too.

There’s always something new happening. This  is what happens when one stays beyond the boredom.

I am a little headlight frozen again at the thought of trying to organise the car rego for the Astra. Danged if I can work it out in my broken head. Keep simplifying Lynne. Its your only hope.

I had some bubbling moments of good humour tonight. Then thoughts of the Rego came. Buggar it.

Day is done.

Clean and sober.

Did a meeting and mixed with people.



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