One more day of fatigue and totally at home. It doesn’t matter. I have an iron infusion on Thursday at Bellingen Hospital. We shall see how we are then. The Girls visited a couple of times.  I am in less pain today but still weary as and not functioning well mentally.

Clarz put the drawer key into a purple cup. I found it, just as she told me, and I also found a hidden key attached to the drawer. I don’t know what it locks. The desk is an old PO one from Grafton. It has secret compartments. I wonder what the hidden key opens.

Tonight there were no storms. Last night they rumbled and flashed and rained almost all night – but tonight is quiet. Its crazy in this street with drugs and grog. I am not sure what to  do about it.  I guess that I simply count another day as done. Clean and sober. Forget the details. Forget the seeming failures and problems and health scares and give thanks for one more day.

There is a hidden key to all of this and then there is a hidden drawer or door which I haven’t found as yet. PATIENCE. PATIENCE. PATIENCE.


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