Today is the sixth anniversary of my Traumatic Brain Injury, or as I call it, my re-Birthday, since now I’m a whole new me.
I’ve had six long years to adjust to all the changes, and to learn about this injury, sometimes I do miss who I was you see?
My mind processes things differently now, I’m hyper-sensitive to light, sound, even smells can sometimes drive me insane.
Add in the clinical depression, panic/anxiety disorder, and a constant chronic migraine level headache, I miss my old brain.
Now, even though this disability has been a constant challenge, although it has been a source of pain, confusion, and strife.
With all that I have been through, and what I’ll go through in the future as well, I wouldn’t trade it back for my old life.
That old me is dead and gone, even though I miss some parts, and there are things I hate, there are parts I love as well.
It can build strength of character, and show you some wonderful things about yourself, when you’ve lived through hell.
This new version of me is only six years old, I’m still learning, I’m still growing, and I have had some growing pains, it’s true.
But along with all of the changes inside my mind, I’ve learned a lot about how strong I am, and I’m building a new life too.

Ed Steeves


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