I spent a pleasant morning with a young nurse doing the infusion. We talked of many things. I struck Bellingen Hospital at its best again. I have been going there for more than 38 years – on and off.

TODAY they used a new infusion which is far quicker than last time that I had one. They said we would bounce and be filled with energy in 24 hours or so but me , I just have a headache. So far.  I think its because it isn’t that I don’t actually produce iron, I went through this with Olivia  last time. Ah well. I may be lucky.

Steven took me to the AA meeting which has helped greatly.

Before that I was talking to the man who visits Lisa and works around the yard. Bill. It turns out he used to live with Brad in the Rainbow House and made the wooden canoes. We have one here. Then he too Odin when we left the area and they had a couple of happy years before Odie went missing.

The Girls came to visit for an hour as well. WE blew up the inflatable Santa.

I am OK but remain a little Lost and a good deal Frozen. I have again made a healthy decision and carried it through. Bravo to me !





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