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I did not think I would make it out today but I did. Lise walked to the Markets with me on the Pony and it was a good initial, “act as if”, experience.

We ate there and listened to music and looked at stall and bought some dresses.

Then Steve picked me up for the NA meeting and I realised I am quite fond of some of the current members. At the very least it settles the beast within my head down.

I also noticed a change in the dynamics between me and some of the men in the Meeting. It was very odd and I felt less like a near death old woman.

I am finding peace and purpose as I put together the illnesses from September 2014 and find other Facebookers and Bloggers who report similar things.

I don’t like this era very much – but I DO like the public access to news and opinions etc.If this were left to the Medical Profession, they would continue as they have been doing – and keep telling each of us isolated individuals that our experience was out of the ordinary and that the Doctor Knows Best. Now – WE – can express ourselves and spread our own legit experiences.

and now I am going to try an early to bed.

Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

Don’t ever think you have it made, because you haven’t. You are only one drink away from a drunk, one hit away from a high. Staying in your program and close to the fellowship is your best bet right now.

Let me not get so carried away with my two weeks of sobriety that I get cocky and lose sight of the truth.


Daily Reflections
December 10

“Now, what about the rest of the Twelfth Step? The wonderful energy it releases and the eager action by which it carries our message to the next suffering alcoholic and which finally translates the Twelve Steps into action upon all our affairs is the payoff, the magnificent reality, of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

To renounce the alcoholic world is not to abandon it, but to act upon principles I have come to love and cherish, and to restore in others who still suffer the serenity I have come to know. When I am truly committed to this purpose, it matters little what clothes I wear or how I make a living. My task is to carry the message, and to lead by example, not design



Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide – Brain Injury Overview

Brain Injury OverviewEspañolTraumatic brain injury (TBI) can significantly affect many cognitive, physical, and psychological skills. Physical deficit can include ambulation, balance, coordination, fine motor skills, strength, and endurance. Cognitive deficits of language and communication, information processing, memory, and perceptual skills are common. Psychological status is also often altered. Adjustment to disability issues are frequently encountered by people with TBI.Brain injury can occur in many ways. Traumatic brain injuries typically result from accidents in which the head strikes an object. This is the most common type of traumatic brain injury. However, other brain injuries, such as those caused by insufficient oxygen, poisoning, stroke, or infection, can cause similar deficits.

Source: Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide – Brain Injury Overview