TWO DAYS. TWO FULL DAYS OUT OF BED. Maybe the Infusions worked this time. Two full days of activity. Good Lord. Whoever saw that coming ? Not me.

Today one of my children spoke of a few more of the things that happened whilst I was in Coma.  Like her getting them to turn Elen de Generres off and put Classi FM on for me and to take the girlish plaits from my hair and that they were told some very frightening future likelihoods. That if my heart had actually stopped as it looked like it would, that they would not attempt to revive me.

She also said that she DOES notice that something is amiss with my brain. Noone else does.

And her step brother who was visiting actually asked what it was like IN the Coma and wanted to know. That was magic. Noone has really done that.

Chanegs can come most unexpectedly.


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