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have not missed out on many of these effects. I most certainly have missed out on assistance or recognition of it.  This is a very tough call.  Nellibell

Common Long Term ProblemsPost Sepsis Syndrome (PSS) is the term used to describe the group of long term problems that some patients who have experienced severe sepsis can suffer during their rehabilitation period.The effect of any critical illness and spending time being treated in a Critical Care Unit is already recognised by health care professionals as causing certain long term problems for up to two years afterwards. However, sepsis can cause additional problems which may not become apparent for several weeks, for example, recurring infections during the rehabilitation period.THE LENGTH OF TIME SPENT IN HOSPITAL CAN ALSO AFFECT REHABILITATION.It is important to remember that not everyone experiences problems after being critically ill and the length and severity of the sepsis and the fitness of the individual prior to their illness has a marked impact on how quickly they recover.These problems can be divided into physical or psychological and emotional.Physical:Lethargy / excessive tirednessPoor mobility / muscle weaknessBreathlessness / chest painsSwollen limbs (excessive fluid in the tissues)Joint painsInsomnia (due to pain / breathlessness)Hair lossDry / flaking skin and nailsTaste changesPoor appetiteChanges in visionChanges in sensation in limbsRepeated infectionsPsychological and emotional:Anxiety / fear of sepsis recurringDepressionFlashbacksNightmaresInsomnia (due to stress or anxiety)PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)Poor concentrationShort term memory loss Click here to download – Questionnaire for Support Groups 2016Long Term Recurring InfectionsA very small percentage of sepsis survivors suffer recurring infections during their rehabilitation period.Occasionally, this may last for several years. These infections can present as a milder version of the original sepsis experienced by the patient or as infections starting in different areas of their body. They often need treatment with antibiotics and can be very wearing both physically and mentally.THANKFULLY, MOST OF THESE PROBLEMS DO SETTLE ON THEIR OWN IN TIME.

Source: Recovering from Sepsis | Sepsis Trust


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