I slept another natural night. Woke to another scorcher. 40 degree heat and a doctor’s visit. She didn’t know why I was there. Medicos are loopy even when they are as delightful as this one.

One day I am going to get a mic in my hands and I am a gunna speak. I am gunna speak and write. About what these times are like for US. ABOUT how we get treated and how it affects us.

I got her to do the blood tests and the urine but I am not much interested at the moment and I knew the Sepsis was taken only as an incidental. With her, it is the Iron.

So I did it lightly and now I am home and HOT but pretty happy. Something significant has changed this Summer. I don’t quite know what it is – but it has changed.

WE went shopping up at Toormina today to get fans for the girls’ room. We stayed there a good while in the coolness of the air conditioned shopping centre.

I have a visitor coming tomorrow . A woman I knew in the Fellowships on the Tweed is coming to visit tomorrow and we are to do the Meeting as well. Blessings coming in strange ways.

Poppy is staying with her Dad which means I have them on Facetime and am not so lonesome as I sometimes am.

I have been back in the romance of life with Izzy but it hasn’t thrown me into a well of despair. It has re-lit the passionate life within.  That’s what I shall sleep with tonight. A distant drum is beating within me. And the Drum is growing LOUDER.




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