I Remember way back catching an episode of JAG which was just coming out and I felt a thrill of shock. My God I thought. They are preparing us for war and all that a militaristic era involves – blind obedience, sacrifice of our children, major propaganda and human rights abuse. Sure enough – within a short time most American TV followed similar lines. Pointless, fruitless barbarism.
What on earth did everyone think would happen ? What possible decent outcome could there be from times like that ?
Once we watched family sitcoms and simple dramas. Hello Rockford. I liked you very well.

 It reminds me of 1990 when the American psych at Langton was going home to take with him the advanced way in which we handled Alcoholism.  His name was Ryan and he said :
” I fear that you ( Australia) are about to follow us ( U.S.A.) down the path into darkness and it will take at least 30 years to find your way back out. “
That’s what I see in the bigger world at the moment. Following others down the paths into darkness.
As for me – I seem to have taken a wrong turn somewhere within my family life and am walking down a path into further darkness. Ah well – I have been in many dark places. Yesterday I saw on the other side of the bridge at Gleniffer – the dark and mysterious world I first loved when I came here. There it was. Lord of the Rings Country.
No more money to anyone.
No more giving my possessions to anyone – unless I can do that without expectation or a price tag.
No more money.
No more asking for even the smallest of favours.
 LISE IS planting plants out and the day is clouded and cool. I am going soon to the NA Meeting.

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