YEARS back, I took a ride on a Ferris Wheel ( something I truly hate and fear ). Round and round we went with me smiling so as not to startle the children. Finally, the FW slows down and they begin offloading people. Our car reaches the offload place and great joy near overcomes me .
What happened next was – the guy running the FW turned out to be a friend – Stay on for free – says he and sends us rotating once more.

My life has been like that since 2014.

Today, I was up for the Community Nurse – who exactly like last time DID NOT COME. The woman is a pest.

The leg is greatly imrpoved.

I was up for the Girls to get my sandals and mail my hospital admission form. They came in the afternoon.  Look at my new sandals. From AWL LEATHER in BELLINGEN made by Bruce and my beautiful gentle Anton was at work as well. I shall show you a pic of him one day. They put Velcro where the buckles went to allow for the fluid swelling that I get. They are a gift from Arkue who also put $150 in the bank for me.

My girls went home pretty much straight away but I did get to see them.

Then LisH came to see me and we talked of sepsis and many other things.  There is a hole in my heart where my family goes – but this time I ain’t broken.



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