IT was damp today and not one for pony rides. I realised I was lonely and bored – and I am quite pleased about that. Seems like a long time since they were major emotions with me.

Pain. Illness. Sorrow. Fear have been my constant companions.

But today – just a bit bored and a bit lonely. The red leg c0ntinues to improve. I’m still on antibiotics. And one Tramadol a night.

My Girl brought her girls to play and we had such a happy time. They did my makeup and hair and we laughed a lot. Keeps me alive , it does.

I did the night A.A as well. It works well for me.  I actually had 2 offers of lifts to Coffs NA as well but I want this one in Bellingen to be a regular meeting for me.

One thing that happened as I got home is that the pony key fell of my ring and its lost. I don’t know what that is going to mean to me.But I just don’t have any more “Distressed” available to me at the m0ment.

So, soon to bed. Look for the key tomorrow. Be done with “panic”. I have cab vouchers if needs be.

I have reached a new place in recovery from this disastrous 2 years.

I am not actually happy here. It don’t fit me quite right. Not enough beauty from the door. I am amongst active alcoholism and that troubles me.  But things will change – I am receiving kindness and affection. I shall gradually expand my realm. And then I WILL get led to the next fine thing – peoples, places and things.




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