I DID IT. I got on that Pony, took my wooden walking stick and off I went. Through the showground and down to the River. It was doable. And I did.How wonderful ! A few idle chats with people out there. Good. And next – into town !

I know Kaybee is concerned that I might pick up another leg infection from the river and she may be right – but – its done and I feel better. Less trapped. Less invisible.  I think this evening is just a little cooler but the humidity is staggering. I really miss living beside the lagoon and Lido where I could be in the water right now. This Pony is fun when It doesn’t play up on me. I went further along the concrete path on the Southern side of the river than I have ever gone.

My head is very itchy and my hair of very poor texture. I don’t know whether its nits or to do with the antibiotics and infections. I just doused my whole head in Eucalyptus oil which stings and stinks. Surely it will kill any nits if thats whats itching so badly.

I have the air conditioning on. I think this is the first summer or house I have ever done that in. Its a pretty hot summer.

I rather think I have done OK today. Still doesn’t feel a happy time. Still doesn’t feel like I shall ever again be not isolated. Feels like I shall struggle and battle and hurt forever – but TONIGHT IS OK.   I potter on. I have been well fed including a bread and butter pudding from Lise and Greengrocer stuff via Kaybee.  Plus Kaybee says she will take me to Gleniffer tomorrow – I love swimming there – so long as my legs don’t flare up.

Remember the plans Lynne.

1.  Get the scan done

2. have the damned endoscopy

3. see the new doctor.

4. Go to Eden for a HOLIDAY.



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