All these months of illness.

Much of the time I live behind a mental veil.

This week I am clear.

But much of the time there is a veil between you and me.

This week – I can push and pull.

This week I can stretch and bend.

This week i can coordinate my hands to wash the dishes.

This week some broken connection is working and I can look at something and know what to do.

I can open a door and close a door.

This week I can turn the key the right way in the lock.

This week I can write in sentences.

This week someone is holding the veil up for me

And I am clear.


as for the HAIR.


Does anyone know if you can go completely bald from PSS? Got my hair cut this week and for the first time ever, the hairdresser didn’t need to thin it…….she actually wasnt game to thin it.

Charlotte  I didn’t go bald, but my hair did think out drastically, and come out in masses.
But it has now grown back extra thick, and grows really quickly, which is good, apart from keeping up with the grey roots 😉
Barbara  It has been a year for me and I am hoping that mine will start growing and get thicker. So far it hasn’t happened.
Annemarie  Yes I lost lots of hear during the day and lasted until 6 months after my sepsis. I was told it was due to the high stress levels that my body was suffering from.
Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite Mine is now so thick I look like a sheep.
Libby  That’s my usual. Ive paid a fortune to get it thinned all the time. I love it the way it is. Not sure about bald, although I could get a bright blue wig……make a change from grey….lol



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