Heatwave continuing.

Pain in my right side and isolated once more. This is not my ideal life at this time.

No matter. One day at a time. Just this one day. POTTER ON. Potter on in this half life and BE PATIENT.

Eden has called on Facetime and we will spend the evening together. It helps A LOT. I HAVE THE AIR CONDITIONER ON AGAIN. Cause I have been hot.

This morning the little one put a lego up her nose till it bled.

That’s about as exciting as the day got.

I am afraid because my side hurts rather a lot.

I am afraid because this has been a shot longtime and awaiting me is the death threat of age and Hep C.

I am afraid because I have had enough and I am lonesome.

I am afraid because I don’t get enough meetings or even shops and people and things to do.

I am Victim of the Corrosive Thread of Fear.

I have been happy before and I will be happy again. Just maybe not tonight. Maybe not here.


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