Leaving the Legacy of Family: A Tribute to Susan Reynolds | – Cambodian Children’s Trust Cambodian Children’s Trust

Susan Reynolds20 September 1951 – 10 November 2014who found happiness in Cambodia and its childrenand wanted to repay that kindness.We would like to acknowledge and celebrate the life of Susan Reynolds, whose final act of kindness after a lifetime of giving to others was to leave a generous bequest to CCT. We would also like to give special thanks to her sister, Annie, who assisted with managing this commemoration.When it comes time to prepare a last will and testament, many people consider their families; after all – we want to make sure the loved ones we have known all our lives, and who have nurtured us, are taken care of as best we can after we are gone. But for the tens of thousands of children in Cambodia’s institutions, the life-long bond of family support has been removed. For this reason, leaving a bequest to an organisation that reunites families, and enables parents to care for their own children, is a powerful legacy to leave – it is leaving the gift of family to others. We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Susan and her family for this generous donation which will allow us to ensure many Cambodian children are happy, healthy and living in families while they leave poverty behind together.Susan was born in Sydney and enjoyed happy early years playing with her siblings in the lovely big garden of their old weatherboard house in Epping. They rode on the nectarine trees pretending they were horses, and argued over who should take charge of their baby sister. Their social life was weekend dinners at grandma’s house, visiting uncles and aunts on both sides of the family, and playing with their cousins. Sadly, her life was deeply affected with sickness from her earliest years with very severe asthma, yet she still enjoyed herself with books, dress-ups, and collecting small, pretty or unusual things – a bowerbird from birth. Susan endured severe clinical depression from her teenage years, which was only diagnosed much later.

Source: Leaving the Legacy of Family: A Tribute to Susan Reynolds | – Cambodian Children’s Trust Cambodian Children’s Trust

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