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I added another achievement today. Another thing I thought I would NEVER do again. THE MOVIES with the Girls.Popcorn and Pepsi and Maccas. Clarzie’s first movie ever. I did not think I would ever go to a movie again.

I was’t too sure I would go shopping in Nambucca Plaza again. We travelled down the new motorway. Tick another one of the ” DON’T THINK I WILL EVER ” list. PLUS I got out of Urunga. Didn’t think that was going to happen either.

I was rather unwell by the time we came home but it don’t matter. I am OK again now. I think I will not get well till I complete the Shack. And I cannot as yet see the way to do that.

I bought Saf a basketball for the hoop at back.

Bed soon. I have one channel on the TV which is an improvement.

One step at a time Lynne. One step and then another.



Hour To Hour – Book – Quote

Right now, you are getting rid of the toxic things in your life: toxic substances, toxic people, toxic behaviour patterns and toxic thoughts. The only way to do this is to look, listen, and imitate those that have already done it. Slowly it becomes real for you, too.

I know that I cannot find this new path alone. Let me accept the guidance of those that have gone before me.